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Product Features
One integration point

One Integration, Multiple Banks

Summary of customer data across all user bank accounts.

Instant access

Financial Data Points

Access comprehensive transaction data, balances, and identity verification in real-time.

Financial transaction data retrieval

Convenient Data Retrieval

Automatically fetch customer's financial details. No paper, in-branch visits, and long waiting times.

Simplified onboarding

Simplified Onboarding

Quick and easy end-to-end integration, complete API documentation, and continuous tech support.

Solutions built on Brankas' open banking platform.

FinTech platforms
FinTech platforms

Conveniently access multiple bank accounts in one place

Lending companies
Lending companies

Real-time access to data for quicker and more accurate credit decisions


Comprehensive customer data to enable personalized marketing and loyalty


Enable users to aggregate their bank activity in a single dashboard

SME / Merchants
SME / Merchants

Simplify reconciliation by integrating transaction data feeds into your accounting software

FinTech Services
FinTech Services

Analyze customer behavior to uncover insights and deliver tailored services

Sample user flow for loan application use case

Access to real-time customer transaction data and balances.

customer applies for a loan

Your customer applies for a loan through your app

Customer selects a bank

Customer selects a bank and enters banking credentials

Customer receives OTP

Customer receives OTP and enters code into app for authentication

User enters Two-Factor Authentication Challenge

Your system sends a request to Brankas for retrieval of customer's financial records

User's financial statements

User's financial statements are made available to you in real-time

loan decisions in an instant

You can now use this data to make loan decisions in an instant

loan application status

Your customer is notified of loan application status

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