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Instant online payment solution, designed to sit seamlessly within your product.

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Product Features
bank transfer solution

Simple Fund

Use our simple API to initiate direct bank transfer payments.

Customer Payment Experience

User Experience Designed Your Way

Enable users to make quick and easy payments natively within your application.

One integration

One Integration, Multiple Banks

Single point of integration for collecting payments across our growing network of partner banks

Instant status tracking

Tracking and Reconciliation

Real-time status updates and accounting system integrations.

We offer simple solutions to support a variety of use cases.

eWallets & Digital Banks

Account top-up and easily move money into digital bank accounts


Instant, in-app fund transfer payments for online purchases

Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies

Let your users conveniently pay monthly premiums from within your application

Lending Companies
Lending Companies

Faster way for users to fund loan repayments and monthly interest via direct debit

FinTech Platforms
FinTech Platforms

As a digital financial service provider, extend payment collection services to your merchants and SMEs

FinTech Services
FinTech Services

Enable digital payment services such as online trading and portfolio management for end users

Sample user flow for loan application use case

Create a seamless user experience by receiving payments inside your ecosystem.

User selects desired source bank

BANK SELECTION: User selects source account and destination account

online banking credentials

USER LOG-IN: Enter online banking credentials in-app

User enters amount

PAYMENT DETAILS: Enter amount to be transferred

Two-Factor Authentication Challenge

AUTHENTICATION: User enters two-factor authentication & transaction authorization (SMS OTPs / hard tokens)

financial statements

CONFIRMATION: Notification of successful transfer via SMS or app

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