Build Best-in-Class Lending
Platforms with Open APIs

Brankas' roster of Open APIs, Platforms, and Technology is Powering the Future of Consumer Finance Platforms in Southeast Asia.

Open Banking
Open Platforms, Marketplaces and APIs

Brankas partners with forward looking consumer finance companies across Southeast Asia to deliver open platforms, products, marketplaces, and APIs for innovative financial inclusion projects. Let Brankas help build out your next product leveraging our Open APIs, Platforms, and Technology.

Integrated with Digital Banks and Third-Party Platforms

Improve conversion, sales margins, and product offerings with drop-in web and mobile application plugins enabling direct bank debits, payments, and cross product sales across a number of digital marketplaces

Community Ecosystem

Get your product to market faster through the Open API and Community Ecosystem built by Brankas.

Platforms Built with Brankas

Finderé enables next-generation products and solutions based on a turnkey platform, delivering cutting edge financial services to traditional brick-and-mortar operators.

  • Bills Payments and Services Marketplace
  • eWallets, eMoney and Loyalty Value payment system
  • Scalable to millions of active users
Open Insurance Products & Solutions

Applicant starts loan application


Truescore pulls financial statement to generate score


Applicant notified instantly of loan approval


Lender includes TrueScore in methodology

TrueScore provides an alternate credit scoring platform, enabling automated bank statement retrieval, verification, and analytics to aid credit risk assessment.

Income prediction Transaction
categorization Consolidated Bank
Scoring Fast, accurate

credit decision making

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