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Repayments made easy with bank transfers

Jun 11, 2021 2 minute read Shafrena Sapari

Robocash and Unapay enable bank transfers as a repayment option

Repayments made easy with bank transfers

The Philippines - UnaPay and Robocash are credit companies in The Philippines that offer installment plans and online instant loans respectively, recently partnered with Brankas to enable bank transfers as an option for repayments. Robocash offers instant loans from their website, allowing customers to conveniently apply for a loan in 4 steps. While Unapay offers installment plans or also known as the ‘buy now, pay later’, with fast approvals through their website or mobile application. Repayment options for both companies vary from over-the-counter to online options such as e-wallets.

Integrating with Brankas Direct, Robocash and UnaPay added an additional repayment option; bank transfers. Users can repay their loans with bank transfers, without the worry of leaving home; especially during this pandemic, any expensive transaction fees or the hassle of the additional step of transferring funds to e-wallets or virtual accounts. Users can select to pay online or select the banks listed on the respective repayment pages. Transactions are encrypted and only authenticated with either TFA (Two-Factor Authentication) or OTP (One-Time Password) codes. Security and privacy are not compromised during the transaction.

Users can select to pay via online on Unapay’s repayment page

Users can select to pay via online on Unapay’s repayment page

Olga Drozd, Product Creator of Unapay shares, “ has been an excellent partner helping us to multiply the online payments volumes along with securing a high number of additional merchants from the local market as well as overseas since the start of our collaboration in 2020.

Thanks to their platform, UnaPay and Robocash can now offer recurring, automatic and instant payments. These developments have helped our business expand global customer base. “

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