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Manila’s Go Developer Meetup

Jun 15, 2020 2 minute read Vidya Winda Sari

On June 8th, we held our virtual GoManila meetup for developers interested to learn more about Golang.

Manila’s Go Developer Meetup

Manila’s Go Developer Meetup

Last Monday, June 8th, we held our virtual GoManila meetup for developers interested to learn more about Golang. Joining us as our panelist was Ben Sarmiento, Engineering Manager from FoodPanda / Delivery Hero Singapore. At the event, Ben talked about the logic and design behind FoodPanda’s marketing carousel, and how his team was able to use Go, DynamoDB and geohashing to allow them to do millions of location checks per second (with 0.8 cpu core and 600mb memory). The result is the array of promos we all know and love to see whenever we order from FoodPanda. The meetup was attended by 47 people, a mix of students and professionals.

In case you missed it, you may view the session here: Go Manila Mondays Online - June 8, 2020

Go (or Golang) is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

GoJakarta is a meetup group that Brankas started. The goal is to have a platform for Go Developers to meet new friends, share techniques, discuss pain points, and discover new trends in the Go programming language.

Seeing that GoJakarta was a huge success, Brankas decided to bring it to the Philippines in 2018, hence, GoManila. With the help of like-minded champs, John Estilles, Engineering Manager of Freelancer and Charro Nuguid of Women Who Code, we jump started our journey of the Go meetup PH arm, and we’ve been hosting monthly meetups since.

We are a beaming and proud member of the Go Developers Network.

Hope to see you at our next event! Please watch out for announcements on GoManila’s Facebook page.

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