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Get real time account balance and trend over past months.

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Product Features
One integration

One Integration, Multiple Banks

A single point of integration for balance retrieval across banks in the region.

bank transfer solution

Fast data retrieval

Retrieves real time balance data from selected banks in few seconds, no waiting or manual operation.

Customer Payment Experience


Balance API can be used to provide real time balance for hundreds of accounts, eliminating manual intervention and bringing operational efficiency in your organization.

We offer simple solutions to support a variety of use cases.

Personal finance
Personal finance

Balance checks in real-time whether users have sufficient capital to make payments or transfers


Get real time banking data to make informed decisions instantly by gaining access to real time and historical monthly balance data

Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance

Reduce administration time by giving users the easiest way to connect their financial accounts to a software app

Sample user flow for loan application use case

Access to real-time customer balances.

User selects desired source bank

Your customer applies for a loan through your app

online banking credentials

Customer selects a bank and enters banking credentials

User enters amount

Customer receives OTP and enters code into app for authentication

Two-Factor Authentication Challenge

Your system sends a request to Brankas for retrieval of customer's balance record

financial statements

User's balance are made available to you in real-time

financial statements

You can now use this data to make loan decisions in an instant

financial statements

Your customer is notified of loan application status

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Deploy Balance

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Integration & Testing

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