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Account Opening

Account Opening

Account registration at your fingertips

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Product Features

Create bank accounts digitally for your payroll purposes.

One integration
One integration, multiple banks

A single point of integration for account creation across our growing network of partner banks

Real-time status update
Real-time status update

Instant access to the status of the accounts created for banks within our dashboard

Seamless user experience
Seamless user experience

Empowering you to efficiently associate account opening natively in your ecosystem

Use Cases

Brankas found a way to help your customers stay at home and still complete crucial errands, like opening an account. It can be tedious, but with the Brankas Account Opening API, your customers will love you!

User selects desired source bank

University market: Open an account for new and graduating students that they can still carry as professionals

online banking credentials

Company HR: Let your new member focus on onboarding by enabling your Human Resource team to open a bank account for your new employees

Data Insights

HRIS: Integrate seamlessly with your existing HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

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